Electronic Floors
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Safe and forever!


Electronic floor is covered with polymer layer, which provides for flexibility and protects against minor mechanical damages.

Floor is not subject to corrosion, and polymer deterioration period is longer than that of concrete!

Electronic floor production technology provides protection against abstracted lodgers. Even if you will drive an axe into parquet, you will only be able to damage some square centimeters of the heating surface.

Electricity is safe!

Electric heating is one of the safest heating types. However, in order to guarantee your safety, better entrust electric connection to professional electrician. Definitely use only certified materials - carbon-copper-polymer films and thermal regulators. Special attention should be paid to the thermal regulator, which not only helps you save your finances significantly, but also defines electronic floor operation safety level. In order to make operation more convenient, use automatic fuse, which will make electronic floor connection/disconnection much easier, in case you will leave your apartment for longer time.

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