Electronic Floors
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You will still have to pay for electricity!

Unfortunately, nothing is for free in this life, therefore it’s important to plan expenses reasonably and use your financial resources as efficiently as possible. Although you will have to pay electric bills, the efficiency of this consumption will be by far higher than other heating types. The main advantage is that comfortable temperature is reached within several minutes, rather than after considerable time, how it is with traditional heating systems, where warm air convection is used.

And you will still not be able to hew wood in your living room!

 Do not forget that under the floor in your apartment there is electric (electronic) device. If you don’t start hewing covering with axe, then there’s no threat. Even if you do, you will only be able to damage a small part of heating element. However, to receive direct electric shock, you will have to try your best. Anyway, everybody knows that putting your fingers in electric socket is not the best thing.

Overfurnitured apartment is not your friend!

If your apartment rooms are overfilled with furniture and carpets, then electronic floor is not for you. Carpet delays heat distribution, as a result, floor under the carpet is getting hot, and temperature in the room does not change. It is not recommended also to place furniture on electronic floor, surface of which is located closer than 10 cm to the floor. From the point of view of heat distribution it will serve as a carpet.

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