Electronic Floors
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You don’t have to rebuild your apartment to install new heating system!


Carbon-copper and polymer alloy films used in electronic floors can be conveniently and quickly installed under any floor covering - tiles, laminated floors, floor boards, parquet, linoleum, etc.

And how much do I pay?

Let’s calculate. If area of your room is, say, 20 sq. m, then, if only you don’t have any furniture along the walls in this room (why would you want to heat a wardrobe?), fill coefficient can be 0.8. Then you will need to use approx. 16 sq. m of carbon-copper-polymer film.

Power of 1 sq. m of our offered film is approx. 150 W, thus, for room heating (floor temperature approx. 31 °C) 2.4 kW power is necessary. If you entrust temperature control to sufficiently qualitative automatic thermal regulator, and don’t try to use different economical operation modes in different times of day, even in this non-optimal case daily electronic floor operation coefficient will be approx. 0.2-0.3. So, feeling of absolute comfort will require from you 24 h x 2.4 kW x 0.2, or approx. 12 kWh every day.

This means, that at current electricity prices, you will pay no more than EUR 35-45 each month. However, if you don’t need to feel home like in a hothouse in winter and any time of the day, by using programming features of thermal regulator, power consumption can be decreased up to several times. And, most important, you heat yourself and your peers, rather than air under the ceiling

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